How We Can Help

Cultural training

Our trained staff and faculty can offer cultural training to students and staff in groups or one-on-one sessions. Please email to book a time for your cultural training.

Pre-departure support

We have both staff and students trained in pre-departure support. They will assist you through things like travel visa and insurance, as well as what to expect when you are abroad, how to get around, how to adapt, who to contact plus so much more.

Arrival support

We will make arrangements to be in full contact with you while away, whether it’s text, email, Skype, Whats App or another means of communication. We will make sure you can find your way to where you are going, get connected with the right people and have everything you need to get started.

Support while abroad

The hardest time for anyone studying or working abroad is the first week – this is when culture shock really hits. We will we there for you to help ease your mind and talk you through whatever you are going through. Our students on the Go Abroad Squad have been there too! They know exactly how you are feeling and can help you through the hard part, so you can quickly adapt and get to the good part – enjoying your time in another country! If anything arises during your entire stay – we will be here to help you through it!