Cassandra in Denmark – The Project

The Project

The week continues as we work with Jonatan Marcussen the manager at Mejlgade lab, an intelligent individual who is responsible for making the Pier 2 project even possible, he has been such a help with organizing resources for our plan to make it as successful as possible. The major project for the end of the program as mentioned before my group is working to build an eco-park on Pier two in the Aarhus harbour. Read more

Cassandra in Denmark – Week 3

United Nations ’17 Sustainable Development and Co-creation

The third week has begun since I started the United Nations’17 sustainability development goals and co-creation and it has been an experience of a lifetime. First, I was a little nervous to begin the course with people I didn’t know because I did not realize how easy it was to make friends with people from different cultures and different native languages but I did not need to worry. Read more