Ishaan in Japan – post #1

I am super excited to become a part of the HELIO community and feel highly obliged to get this opportunity from the college to represent it at a global level in Japan. A couple of months back, this opportunity came to me as a dream prospect, the golden chance to increase my leadership abilities, to meet, interact and learn from other leaders from all over the world.

Being an international student, one always has a crunch of funds to participate in extra-curricular activities. I was also in the same situation and was thinking of how to break my financial barriers and grab the opportunity to visit a country like JAPAN. I took it as the lifetime chance not to be missed at all. I truly believe that luck was by my side when I decided to approach my college and request the authorities to give me a favor by providing financial assistance for this event.  

I feel so confident because my college sees the hard work of its students and recognize their efforts towards society. It became possible only because of scholarship and recommendation for this project from College Authorities. Project HELIO is going to be my second off-campus project/ leaning after the Enactus National Exposition 2019 in Vancouver.

I will definitely gain exposure to real-time issues prevailing in the society by attending various workshops, sessions and field projects while in JAPAN. I’m fortunate that these learning experiences would make me more confident and independent person and I will be able to think much more creatively and broadly towards society.

I am also thrilled to taste street food in Tokyo. It’s somewhat similar to Indian delicacies. Being on this 12-day project, I will be nearly in the same time zone (just 3 hours’ time difference) with my parents in my home country (India). I am sure HELIO is a big break for me to get global exposure. 

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