Matias & Mike in Denmark – Week 4

The Final Week

Hello friends,

This is our third and last week in Aarhus. I must say that we do not want to leave yet because everything has been awesome and there are still many things to do around. This Friday we had our final exam in Android Development course, and it looked though, so we spent several hours studying in order to be ready.

Fortunately, both of us passed the course with 84%!!! We are proud of ourselves and happy because we studied hard to achieve our goals, but also discovered the city, made new friends, went to bars, restaurants, museums, and so on. I wish more students could take part in this great initiative and go abroad.

Georgian College is present in VIA University College

A short mention in VIA University College’s Instagram and Facebook:

Den Gamle By; The Old Town

One of the most amazing places we visited in Aarhus was Den Gamle By ( This place is an open-air town museum founded in 1914, and it is one of the top-rated museums in Denmark. The magic of this place is that recreates the architecture and living-style of Danish people since 1550.

The entrance fee is around DKK$130 (CAD$27.00), but because we went through VIA University College, we got it for free.

Den Gamle By is a collection of 75 historical buildings brought from all over Denmark. Those buildings are decorated and ready for people to explore. There are several actors wearing traditional clothes and performing specific roles, so everyone can talk to them and learn about history and know funny facts. Actors also perform random sketches in different parts of the village-museum, creating a sort of story that guests can follow up if they keep close to them.


There are several small stores that sell traditional souvenirs, and restaurants offering menus that have been traditionally prepared for centuries. (The picture below shows) This is a picture of one of the bakeries in the museum, which bakes recipes from the 1800’s. We tried some cookies and they were really tasty, even though I don’t personally have a sweet tooth (Matias).


This is definitely one of the best places to visit in Aarhus!!

More Danish Food: Smørrebrød and hot dogs.

One of the dishes that I really wanted to try was the Danish open sandwich or Smørrebrød. This food is pretty common in Denmark so it was in our list since the beginning. We went to a place called Den Lille Kro ( which has reasonable prices compared to other restaurants.

There are many different open sandwiches; some of them have fish, beef, pork, chicken, meatballs, and it usually goes with several veggies. It’s a great idea to enjoy it with a cold Tuborg Danish Beer.


Unfortunately, we were really hungry so only one open sandwich each was not enough. We needed some more food, so we remembered that everybody talked at least once about Danish hot-dogs.

The best way to eat hot-dogs in Denmark is buying them from small street vendors or food trucks. The price is fairly cheap and it is worth it!

The Danish hot-dog is the classic sausage with mustard, ketchup and remoulade, topped with raw onions, roasted onions, and pickles. At least for me, it was the first time trying those ingredients in a hot-dog. Highly recommended!


Heidi’s Bier Bar: a great place to say goodbye.

As we mentioned, this week was hard in terms of study so we couldn’t go out as much as we did the last two weeks. However, being the last day and after successfully passed the final exam, we wanted to celebrate.

Kristian; One of the VIA’s staff members, works part-time at Heidi’s Bier Bar ( so he recommended us to go there to have a farewell party. In Heidi’s, all decorations have an old-fashioned style, and servers are dressed in pretty Tyrolean dresses, creating a nice and mystical environment to chill and drink with friends. We enjoyed live music and the dance floor, so it is definitely a place for everyone to have fun.


We made a mixed group between the Android Development and the Responsive Web Design classes. That day everyone was happy, but also wanted to stay for longer in Denmark. It was such an incredible team, but we all knew that we had to go back, not before wishing us good luck and share our contacts. That was our last activity in that lovely city.

Our last words:

It is time to say goodbye. Denmark is a beautiful, secure and peaceful place and we had an amazing experience to keep for the rest of our lives. We had the opportunity to enhance our education at a prestigious university, go a bit further into the Danish culture, meet people from different countries, and try traditional dishes and drinks. I want to encourage everyone to go abroad and discover the world!

Thank you so much to all those who made this adventure a tremendous experience, and all the staff who made this possible:

Brandy Mullen – Internationalization and Project Lead at Georgian College.

Leslie Palson – Dean at the International Centre, Georgian College.

Kelly Watson – Operations Manager at the International Centre, Georgian College.

Paulo Cardoso – Global Ambassador, Go Abroad Squad, Georgian College.

Melissa Pauli – Global Ambassador, Go Abroad Squad, Georgian College.

Cassidy Chafe – International Office Clerk at the International Centre, Goergian College.

Go Abroad Squad:

Georgian College – International Centre:




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