Matias & Mike in Denmark – Week 3

Studying and Discovering

Hi there!

This is our second week studying in Denmark, and the experience has been awesome. People in Aarhus are friendly, and everybody speaks English, so there are no communication barriers and it is quite easy to move around.

Studying Abroad

We have enjoyed a lot our time at VIA University College. Almost everyday all of us have lunch together, including the two staff members working with us and our respective teachers. This custom has promoted a fluent interaction between all of us, which is great when being far from home.

There is also a soccer/basketball pitch and a patio next to our classroom on the fifth floor, so we can see and feel the environment at VIA, which is really pleasant and designed to promote the physical and intellectual development of the students.

Our Programming teacher, Ibrahim, is a young professional, nevertheless, he is knowledgeable and with a great pedagogical sense. His way of teaching includes theoretical content, live demonstrations, coding examples, and in-class exercises, making it a dynamic class. At the same time, his attitude is friendly and always seeking to promote a relaxed and focused atmosphere, so I believe everyone feels comfortable in his class.

VIA also offered several social activities, such as city tours, scavenger hunts, trips to museums, bar and drinking days, among others. Most of the activities are free of charge or partially covered by VIA, which is helpful if you are on a tight budget.

Next Friday, we’ll have our final exam, so I think next week we will spend more time at home studying. Even though this is a 3-week course, we spend 5 hours per day at school (75-hour program), which is even longer than any course in a regular semester.

Den Permanente: a great beach in Aarhus

If you come to Aarhus, you must check out this place. Den Permanente ( is the most famous beach in the city and it was highly recommended by our teachers and staff.

As you can see in the last post, grass and landscape colours are not very green and fresh this summer. In Denmark, high temperatures are not very common and even in summer, it is rainy. However, this has been an unusual summer in Denmark because, according to locals, there hasn’t been a rainy day for more than 2 months. This climate condition has been extremely inconvenient for farmers, however, people in the city is enjoying the sun and spending more time at Den Permanente beach.

People pack their towels, sunscreen, snacks and a couple of beers before going to the beach, so did we. As we got there biking for around 20 minutes, we were sweaty and hot so you can imagine what a nice and refreshing jump into the water it was!!

Personally (Matias speaking), I swam for a long time in these warm waters. Waves were gentle and there is a jumping spot that it is possible to reach by swimming. As a Chilean, having to swum my whole life in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean (yes, the ocean’s name does not correspond to its actual behaviour) swimming at the North Sea was awesome. On the other hand, it looks like for Mike the water was a little bit cold, so he did not swim that much, but he had more time to take some good pics.

One interesting thing about this beach is that it has a special place for nudists but in separated spots for men and women. If you like to go naked, that would be a great place for you to have a chilling time.

Pub Quiz at Pedersens Bar

In Denmark, a common bar activity is the Pub Quiz, which takes place in some bars on a specific day every week. We went to Pedersens Bar ( with our classmates and staff, willing to play the game.

When we were going there, we crossed the train station and saw a massive bicycle parking lot… I think I have never seen such a huge bike parking lot like that before. Check out this picture:


Once at the place, we made teams of 4; each group in one table, and the bar’s owner; as a referee, leading the game. Each group has a piece of paper in which they have to write down answers for questions that the referee asks during the game. There are 3 rounds of 15 questions related to science, sports, TV and cinema, politics, and so on. In the end, the winning team gets a special price (mostly related to free drinks).

Even though our team got the 3rd place, the winners got 10 free beers/drinks and they shared the price with all of us, so everyone was happy. We had so much fun so if you are going to Denmark, join to a Pub Quiz day!


 That’s all for this week… Cheers!!




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