Matias & Mike in Denmark – Week 2

The First Week

Discovering Aarhus

We are really enjoying this city! The architecture of Denmark has its origins in the Viking period around the year 1000.

Creating a green and sustainable society is one of the key goals for Denmark, and its architecture goes along with that, has a unique personality, preserving a traditional style, and good harmony between buildings and nature.

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‘Stegt flæsk’: The traditional Danish food.

We went to a traditional Danish restaurant called Pinden (, which is one of the most recommended places to try authentic Danish Food. Many people told us about this place, and it was founded in 1849, so we had to visit it yes or yes! We ordered a dish called ‘Stegt flæsk’ which is deep-fried pork belly slices (including skin and fat) with potatoes, beets and parsley sauce. It was tasty and recommendable. Of course, we ate it with Tuborg beer and a shot of ‘Akvavit’, which is a traditional 46° Danish drink made of corn and grains. As extra information, Stegt flæsk was selected as the main Danish traditional dish.

Transportation, pick your bike!

Taking the bus every day can be quite expensive, so what everyone does: ride bikes! All the city is full of bikeways, and it is easy to get access to free public bikes. You just need to insert a DKK$20 coin in a bike-locker and you get it. When we put them back, we also get the coin back… good deal!

These days the weather has been awesome; sunny and not too hot, so we are riding bikes almost everywhere, every time. It has been great as an exercise and even better for our wallets. There are also parking lots for bikes everywhere, so we do not have to worry about them while doing activities.

“Danish cycling culture is another example of a green and sustainable society and Copenhagen alone has around 400 km of cycle paths, and about 40% of the capital’s population commute to work by bicycle”

VIA University College, Student exchange.

First week at VIA University College! We came to Denmark to take Summer Courses, so we have full classes from Monday to Friday between 9 AM – 3 PM, but sunset is not until 11:30, so we still have a lot of time to spend outside. Our class has students from Romania, Finland, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, USA and us;  a Chilean and a Korean… such a good group we have!

As international students in Canada, it is noticeable that it’s the first time we are meeting students from those countries, a great and valuable experience.

The teaching system offers a dynamic and relaxed study environment and in class, you are supposed to engage in discussion with your professor and ask questions during lessons. There is a lot of interaction and communication is informal, promoting a closer environment to study.

The campus is huge, and it has several buildings around it. The first day of classes we realized an enormous cultural difference: Denmark has public washrooms for both genders together! This fact was the most surprising thing that I have seen here so far and shows the equality and integration of Danish society.

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ARoS Museum

One of the big attractions in Aarhus is the ARoS Museum (, and it’s located close to downtown. The entrance fee is around DKK$100 or CAD$23, and it’s open until 5:00 PM. We started from the 10th floor, where the famous Rainbow Road is located. It is a 360°-lookout where we were able to see the entire city through a colourful glass. This was one of the places that we really wanted to know because it is one of the key Aarhus’ landmarks, and once there the view was perfect.

After that, we went through all the exhibitions along the 9 floors. Each exhibition has a purpose and wants to invoke particular feelings and emotions. Some of them are related to sensitive historical topics, such as racism and violence. Others show nature, landscapes, traditions, and of course Danish history. I would say that ARoS museum encourages you to take a time to reflect and become aware as human beings.

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Vinstuen, a great place to chill and drink!

We went to Aarhus Downtown with some classmates, looking for some good places to drink and eat. We got recommendations, but the highlighted one was Vinstuen Bar( The idea I had in mind about what a Danish bar is, it was just we found there, low prices compared to others, full of Danish people from all ages, and an old-fashion environment that makes us go back in time. This is because Vinstuen was founded in 1913, more than 100 years old!!

We enjoyed the good atmosphere, music, foods and drinks. This place just was amazing!

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