Cassandra in Denmark – The Project

The Project

The week continues as we work with Jonatan Marcussen the manager at Mejlgade lab, an intelligent individual who is responsible for making the Pier 2 project even possible, he has been such a help with organizing resources for our plan to make it as successful as possible. The major project for the end of the program as mentioned before my group is working to build an eco-park on Pier two in the Aarhus harbour. First, as our project began, we started with some ideas of what can be done to create a sustainable eco-park not only on the Pier but around the Pier in the water as well. The proposal we made was to build a seaweed farm around the Pier, creating a seaweed farm allows an increase in resources for the sea life as well as life on land. Next, we proposed an oyster farm because oyster farms create cleaner water for the oceans. The oyster farms create carbon storage, nitrogen removal and water filtration, and we believe the water will benefit by becoming a cleaner more sustainable area for marine life. The proposal created has been written into better detail in our reflection paper and our poster so that the finale of the project is not revealed.

For the research part of the project to know if our ideas are going to benefit Aarhus for the future. First, we began by contacting some stakeholders that will help give us some insight into what they would recommend for building a better sustainable ecosystem in the water. Next, we reached out to a bio scientist Peter for aquatic life that will listen to our proposal for our project and give feedback to provide us with the best possible outcome. Having the chance to get to talk to a marine biologist about my plans for sea life is a dream come true because since I was 11 years old, I have wanted to become a marine biologist and getting to share my plans to help out the marine eco-system that may become real is an experience of a lifetime.

Then, we met with a lady named Yuki who has lived in Brazil, Tokyo, Canada and the United States. Yuki was living in Brazil with her husband because her husband got a job in Brazil when Yuki was there, she discovered an interest in the environment because she noticed from living in all those different countries how she saw climate change is affecting her everyday life. Then, after talking one on one with Yuki, I was lucky enough to express what I am doing to make a difference and how I want to better the environment. Fortunate enough for me Yuki gave me her contact information to help provide me with information on people in Brazil working for different environmental companies to look at future possibilities. Finally, I have been so lucky to talk one on one with these company representatives and receive their business cards for future possible job opportunities working with sustainability.

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