Cassandra in Denmark – Week 3

United Nations ’17 Sustainable Development and Co-creation

The third week has begun since I started the United Nations’17 sustainability development goals and co-creation and it has been an experience of a lifetime. First, I was a little nervous to begin the course with people I didn’t know because I did not realize how easy it was to make friends with people from different cultures and different native languages but I did not need to worry. After just the first day I made so many new friends from all across the world, and I hope to carry their friendships with me for a very long time. My new close friends, Jeanette from Hamburg, Germany, Jackie from Edmonton, Alberta, and Quinn from New York, we became so close that at the end of the program I am travelling with Jackie, Jeanette and Quinn to Jeanette’s place in Hamburg and after that continuing with Jackie and Quinn to Amsterdam and Paris. I am excited to get to travel and experience parts of Europe I have never seen with new people that have the same interests as me.

For the learning part of the program I have learned so much captivating knowledge and met incredible people with high goals, but that is achievable for the future. First, we met with Rambøll which is a consulting firm that also works with the United Nations’17 sustainable goals. For example, a proposal made by Gitte was instead of demolishing buildings we take apart the buildings and reuse the materials to create a new structure instead of wasting resources. These inspirations opened up my eyes to opportunities that can I could achieve in the future.

Next, we were given a significantly large project for the end of the course; it was a decision between choosing to work with waste management, social health and purposing what to build on the Aarhus Pier 2 for the future. Next, I decided the case Pier 2 because we get to create a proposal on what sustainable way we want to build the Pier 2. I think it is very beneficial to bring home for my Environmental Technology program and resume building. Lastly, at the end of the course, we will be presenting it in front of the United Nations co-creation partners at the Dome of visions and hope it becomes one day a part of the Aarhus harbour.

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