Cassandra in Denmark – Week 2

Week 2

This past 2 week in Aarhus, Denmark has been nothing but an adventure of a life time. First, when I came to Aarhus I was very nervous about how different the culture was compared to Canada, I then began school where it opened up a lot more opportunities for me to meet new people from all around the world. As I began to meet new people from all around the world it has opened up my eyes to that ways different cultures do things that I may not be used to, and I believe it has made me a bigger person because of it.


As I began exploring Aarhus I was lucky to find some free yet enjoyable tourist attractions within the city. The first tourist attraction I did when I arrived in Aarhus was going to Marselisborg Dyrehave which is the deer park, the deer park is a free safari park where the deer roam around freely within a huge park with access to lots of food and water, as well as, company by plenty of people coming around to visit the deer and boars. Next, the second attraction I went to that was right across from the deer park, was the infinite boardwalk at the beach, the boardwalk had a very beautiful scenery as the water was so blue.  I definitely would recommend these two attractions, especially if you are an animal lover it is amazing getting to feed the deer and having them walk right up to you.


Next, as a group tour with my classmates and I went to the Aros museum which was an unbelievable museum, it had so many interesting exhibits. The exhibits included, a pop art genre by James Rosenquist, a no man is an island- the satanic verses, human nature as well as a few more but those were some of my favourites because of how creative the art was. After touring the museum, at the top of the museum they have a rainbow panorama where you can see the entire city of Aarhus in all different colours, although my recommendation would be to bring sunglasses because I found the different colours quite bright on my eyes. Overall, the museum was definitely very interesting and a must see for anyone travelling to Aarhus.


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