Asia 2018 – Week 5

Week 5 – Shenyang, Dalian

WOW! We can’t believe how fast this project has flown by! It’s already week 5 and it feels like week 2. We must admit, the first few weeks felt much longer than the remaining 3. We’re making stops in two cities before we fly home, so there will be lots of final site seeing and presentations to make before July 10!

We had a short two day stay in Shenyang where we made a visit to Shenyang Foreign Language School 2+1 International Class. This school is a public school as well has an international school within it. They teach their students in accordance to Ontario, Canada curriculum, as many of their students choose to study abroad in Canada. Within the school’s name is “2+1” which means two years of high school (grades 10-11) at the international school in Shenyang, and 1 year in Canada for grade 12. This allows students to become more accustomed to Canadian life and education system prior to applying to college or university in Canada. Our first day, we sat in on a geography and math class and ended the day discussing key differences between Canadian and Chinese education, as well what students should expect studying abroad in Canada, specifically at Georgian college. Staff in this department had great questions for us and we were able to bring new insight about college education and courses offered at Georgian!

On our second day, we sat in on two classes with their foreign teacher from the U.S and made our PowerPoint presentation to the students. Their main concern was whether or not they were forced to do homework studying in Canada and how many hours of class each week they should expect. Typically, school in China is extremely structured from the moment they wake up until it’s time for them to sleep. Their “free time” is typically filled with mandatory tasks laid out by their school. Students who live on campus must complete homework after classes before going to sleep, which means free time usually means bedtime.

We’ve arrived at the last stop on our tour; Dalian! It’s a beautiful coastal city located in the Northern part of China. The weather is similar Toronto so it’s comfortable for us. The location of our hotel is in a commercial area in Dalian, so we’re surrounded by lots of restaurant and a few smaller clothing stores. We went to a beach located by Discovery Land, however we went on a cooler day and it was very cloudy so we didn’t stay for too long. In addition, we also visited DHITC which is a college in affiliation with Georgian! During our visit we toured campus and had lunch in their cafeteria. Students have just finished up their semester and they are on summer holidays so the school was pretty quiet sides one program which still had one final exam to complete before their holidays were to start. This college enrolls students ages 15-18 and they are able to learn valuable skills such as automotive, nursing and electrical skills. This is a great pathway to courses they are able to choose at Georgian College in their future!

Hopefully we will be able to discover more of Dalian during our stay as there is a long history here! Stay in touch and follow us on our social media accounts!

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