Cassandra in Denmark – the Beginning

Georgian Builds Experiences

My name is Cassandra Khan, from Canada I was born and raised here. I attend Georgian College in the Environmental Technology program going into my 2nd year. After I finish my 2-year program, I plan on going into Marine Biology as it has been my dream since I was 11.

A few months ago I was offered to go to Denmark for a month by Brandy who is an awesome person that work with Georgian’s Go Abroad Squad. At first, I didn’t know how to react I was so shocked that I got offered such an amazing experience to explore the cultural diversity of a different country. In July,  I will be taking the United Nations’17 sustainable development goals and co-creation course at VIA university college.

When getting ready to leave for the trip Georgian Colleges international team has made it so easy to feel comfortable with the least amount of stress possible as they are properly preparing us to go.  I, fortunately, leave in only four days and can not wait to see if Denmark is what I imagined.


Beautiful Aarhus University was founded in 1928. It is Denmark’s second largest and oldest school.


The preparation time for the trip has been eventful since I only found out I was going to Denmark in May. Therefore, it was a short preparation time for the trip. Although, since I got a scholarship that helped immensely with being able to go and helped the process of being able to go to Aarhus.  After today I leave in only four days on Sunday, July 22nd, where I get to spend three days in Copenhagen and explore the beautiful capital city of Denmark, then make it over to Aarhus on the 27th to begin school on the 30th until the 24th.

A lasting journey

As I am getting ready to leave I have been practicing trying to speak Danish on an app called Duolingo. I have noticed how hard it is to speak the language as it is very different from the English language. I have noticed very minimal similarities. Therefore I’m hoping it is easier to pick up once I am there and I hear it every day. It is my hope that I can use it in the future.

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