Asia 2018 – Week 3

Week 3- Luoyang, Beijing, Jinan

Quote of the weekDon’t be afraid of new beginnings, from new people, new energy, new surroundings, and new challenges. Embrace new chances at happiness. 

We had a relaxing and adventurous start to the week! We were fortunate enough to visit two popular attractions sites at the beginning of the week. On our first day we toured the Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang. We had a fantastic day in the hot 34 degree sunshine. Our tour included sites of multiple Buddha’s and his disciples carved into caves, Xiangshan Temple and Bai Garden temple. We were lucky to have visited on a weekday so it wasn’t too busy. Our second was at the Whitehorse temple in Luoyang!

We made presentations at two schools in Luoyang; Sino-American School and Mission Private School. Students at Mission school were so welcoming and even made a number of performances for us before we did our presentations! We made lots of new WeChat friends after each visit and we’re still in contact with the students to chat about life in Canada and going to school abroad.

HOWEVER, we had a quick change of schedule midweek. We were supposed to be going to another city, but plans were cancelled last minute, so our supervisors were left to make a new schedule for us on the fly. This amazing team managed to whip up a new 5 day itinerary to replace our lost days with new presentations and meetings with agencies! This new schedule means we got to spend more time in Beijing than initially planned (YAY!) Shoutout to our ICR Sunshine and supervisors and team back in Canada for making sure we weren’t homeless and stranded for 5 days!

Two days off in Beijing meant site seeing! We went to the Forbidden City on the first day. What an incredible experience with perfect weather and lucky us again, it wasn’t too busy! While we were walking around the massive ancient village we were discussing how much work it would’ve taken to have built such an immaculate place and how long it would’ve taken to build everything. It’s as though the city was never ending! The second day we went shopping at a local shopping street and later to a bigger commercial shopping area with high end stores and familiar western brands such as Zara and H&M. It’s currently a holiday in China so there are a higher volume of people at tourist attractions. Imagine if Canadians were all on holiday at the same time, how busy places such as Toronto or Vancouver or Montreal would be… imagine that x100 in China because of the population!

The Saturday at the end of the week we took a train to Jinan for the next part of our project. As mentioned earlier it’s a holiday in China so no matter where you plan to travel within the country, its traffic jam after traffic jam. Our hotel was located in the center of the city so we were fortunate enough to have shopping, food and site seeing within walking distance. Jinan is known for their natural spring waters (so clean you can drink it) and we had a lovely day exploring the city with future Georgian Student Barbara! She was a wonderful tour guide, treated us to the local culture and we were able to answer a number of questions she had about study life at Georgian and Canada.


Our final day consisted of a radio talk show at Shandong Radio and Television. We had a Q&A session for 3 hours, discussing our experiences at Georgian College, life in Canada, and tips and tricks for students that are interested in studying abroad in Canada! Afterwards, we were able to sneak into a live radio session to get an inside look at what their job entails! We have an early train ride to Dongying in the am, so stay tuned for our future endeavours and work experiences! Don’t be afraid to add our WeChat or follow/ connect with our social media!

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