Asia 2017 – Week 3

Week 3 –Dalian – Tianjin, China


Week 3 in China for us was very busy. It’s funny because sometimes we have to stop for a second to remember what city we are in and what day it is. This week we started our journey in a city called Wuhan. As soon as we landed, we realized that the weather in this city was a lot hotter than what we have been used to so far on our trip. We thought the heat in Shenzen was a lot to handle, but after arriving in Wuhan, we realized how humid and muggy the air was in comparison to the other cities. We spent our days in Wuhan at the Maple Leaf school. The first day was amazing because we had the chance to watch the 10-year Anniversary presentation. We were extremely impressed with all of the performances, and most of them were in English! Aside from work, we had a few interesting things that happened in Wuhan that we wanted to share. The second night we decided to go into the city area to have a dinner, and before leaving to go back to the hotel, we wanted to stop at Walmart. We were so intrigued by all of the different foods around us, so we kept walking around and then all of a sudden we realized we had walked into the meat section… right in front of us there they were… live frogs, and turtles. Not something you see every day in Canada and Brazil. The night after this we decided we wanted to have dinner with some of the staff and students from Wuhan Maple Leaf school. The first restaurant we walked into had cages right at the front with snakes, rabbits, and some turtles to chose from to eat. As soon as we saw this, we walked right back out and went to another place. Thankfully we found a great Chinese restaurant and had an amazing time with our new Wuhan friends.

Our next stop, Dalian! After a one hour flight, we visited a school called Minzu University. We had such a great visit with the students at this campus and had an awesome time to share experiences about the differences between Canada, China, and Brazil. The students loved learning about all of the activities at Georgian College, and we felt like this visit was very impactful. During this day we took a quick trip to a mountain top called “The Golden Boy Flying Ox Mountain.” We learned about the history of this mountain and the legend behind it. The story states that the local people who lived in the mountains had barely anything left to eat and little money. The last of what they had remaining was taken from them by “Monsters that rose from the sea.” The monsters tried to take over all they had left. Then, the golden baby came to protect the people and killed all of the monsters. The golden baby saved them. The people created a sculpture to honor the baby and pass on the baby’s legend.

The next school we visited was Dalian Maple Leaf! Our schedule at Dalian, Maple Leaf was jam packed with activities, and we were really happy about this. There were many highlights from this two-day visit, and we were so pleased with all of the engagement at this campus. One highlight of this visit was making blueberry pancakes in a culinary class with one of the Canadian teachers from British Columbia, Kelly. The class was amazing, the students were so nice, and we could see how much they were truly passionate about the culinary course. Our last day at Maple Leaf, Dalian campus we had an amazing presentation that we could tell that the students really enjoyed because they had so many questions about the student life in Canada at Georgian College. We had an interview with a few Maple Leaf journalists where we had a chance to explain the purpose of our co-op project.The last day in Dalian we went to watch the Maple Leaf English musical. It was Romeo & Juliet, and we were very captivated because of how well all of the students spoke English!

We wanted to thank all of the Maple Leaf staff, and a special thank you to Fei and Tracey, for everything you did for us during our visit. Also, we met our absolute favourite cab driver, Wei Zang who didn’t speak a word of English but treated us like we were family! It’s so comforting when you are very far from home, and you meet people that truly care about your health and safety.

Something we can laugh at now, but at the time couldn’t was Melissa’s hospital visit. During lunch one day there was a tasty looking soup on the table. So, as usual, Melissa decided to drink some (two bowls to be exact). After finishing the second bowl and about to help myself to a third I (Melissa) asked: “Is this Coconut with red pepper soup?” The response was, “It is actually ovary of the digestive gland of crab.” We looked at each other while trying to remain professional and laughed on the inside… and kept straight faces. Afterward, Paulo was laughing so hard. We spent the next day in the hospital because Melissa was so sick from the soup. Safe to say, we will not be drinking any more seafood soup.

Our third school visit during week 3 was Maple Leaf, Tianjin campus. We took a 4-hour train to this location and spent half a day doing student engagement as well as an hour presentation. The presentation was very casual, and we felt it was extremely effective.

The hotel that we stayed at for one night in Tianjin was great. We were so thankful that they had somewhere for us to do laundry! Also, all of the materials and products used at this hotel were “green” & “eco-friendly.”

We would like to give a big thank you and shout out to Sunshine, the ICR that we have been spending a lot of time working with this past week. We are so happy that we got to spend time with you!
Our next destination is Beijing and Luoyang. We are very excited for this because we have a presentation at JJL agency & who doesn’t love Big cities?!? We are going to be learning more about the history of the Chinese culture.

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Maple Leaf, Dalian Campus


Maple Leaf, Dalian Campus Flag Ceremony


Flag Ceremony – Canadian Teachers


Our security friend from Maple Leafe Dalian


Maple Leaf, Dalian Campus – Culinary Class! (Featuring blueberry pancakes)


The start of our creation! Yummy


Maple Leaf, Culinary class – Dalian Campus


Meeting with Maple Leaf, Dalian Campus faculty


Lunch in Dalian


Salad, veggies and some other Chinese options


… the killer soup! (With tofu in it)


Dalian City


Maple Leaf Campus – Dali


The top of The Golden Boy flying Ox Mountain


The golden Boy from a distance


The Ox – Up Close


The legend of the Golden Boy


Paulo having fun


After hiking the mountain


Maple Leaf, Wuhan Campus


Dinner in Wuhan with Jacey – Student & her family, & Robin – Faculty


Maple Leaf, Wuhan Campus Student Union/Student Council Meet & Greet/ Engagement


Maple Leaf, Wuhan Campus – Culinary class (Lasagna!)


Maple Leaf, Tianjin Campus student engagement & presentation


Arriving at Maple Leaf, Wuhan Campus (It’s way hotter than Canada & Brazil here! haha)

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