Asia 2017 – Week 2

Week 2 – Shenzhen – Guanhzhou – Foshan, China

Week two in Guangzhou was a roller coaster ride. We started to adapt to life in China, and we found a great Western restaurant that had amazing Italian food called Oggi. It was nice to find some comfort food. However, we have been very busy with our activities, events, and engagement with our new Chinese friends and partners. Most people that follow our social media platforms probably think “Wow, that looks like a great vacation, it seems so glamorous” but what isn’t seen is the difference of traveling as a tourist vs. for business. We have, to be honest, that the past two weeks have been the busiest times so far in our lives. Although it has been so busy, we have been learning so much and developing our leadership skills so much that we see and feel so much value in what we are doing.

This week we had the opportunity to spend time at Guangzhou Maritime University (GMU)
Where we had the chance to network with many amazing students from the Business English and International business departments. At the end of our stay, we did an excellent presentation for a large group of students and exchanged information about our cultures as well as shared Georgian College’s student life. The students at GMU taught us a lot about the historic arts and Chinese character writing. Our most important take away from this visit was that we received a better understanding of the Chinese University perspective in comparison to the Canadian educational system.

A fun fact about this week was that when we arrived at the hotel the first night, the power went out, and all the plumbing didn’t work. The next day we changed to a hotel that was a little further away from the campus but had more cuisine options around it and more of a city-like vibe. The sad side of this story is that Paulo’s wallet was stolen… thankfully our passports were separate.

On day two at GMU, we had an issue with our morning transportation that resulted in Paulo walking around in the pouring rain on the street trying to find a taxi… (keep in mind no one speaks English). After finally flagging down a cab we ended up getting Starbucks coffee (It tasted so amazing and felt like a high reward) and then headed to the school for the day! Paulo’s shoes were ruined because of the rain so all day we were teasing him that his feet smelt bad.

We also had the opportunity to visit Nanhai Zhixin Middle school located in Foshan, China. This school is one of the most peaceful and beautiful campuses that we visited so far. We met few students that have already applied to Georgian College. We also met a lot of other students and had an incredible presentation with them. We are confident that the students from Georgian College that have the interest in applying to work abroad in East Asia after graduation, will have a better connection opportunity because of this project.

Our next stop is to Wuhan Maple Leaf school! We are very excited about this because there are already so many students from Maple Leaf at Georgian College and it is the Wuhan’s 10 years anniversary celebration this week.

We wanted to send a HUGE thank you and shout out to An ning our ICR from Georgian College. You helped us so much that we cannot thank you enough Mama!

On route to Guangzhou – taking the bullet train


Amazing Gift from the GMU students for GCSA


Our presentation for GMU students


Practicing Kung-fu (Panda) at Nanhai Zhixin Middle school


Learning about Historic Cursive Chinese writing


Thank you Mama Anning


Student Association visit & engagement time with our new friends from GMU


Learning traditional Chinese writing


Enjoying an Italian meal


After our Presentation @ Nanhai Zhixin Middle school


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