Cassidy in Ireland – Week 15

Week 15: Christmas in London


Although being away from home during Christmas is hard. I was lucky enough to have two visitors during the holidays to keep me plenty busy.

Just days after Taylor left, my friend Amy met me in Dublin to begin our adventure to London, UK.


We rested in Dublin for one night and then jetted off to London the next morning.

We landed in London on December 24th, 2016, Christmas Eve. Surprisingly with one of us being directionally challenged and the other one having never been in Europe before we made it from the airport to the hotel on our own (almost) flawlessly.

Since we had spent most of the day travelling we only had the night to explore so we headed out to get an idea of our surroundings and all the things we wanted to do and see.  We walked to the London Eye and Winter Wonderland on the River Thames for a bite and a beer.  The atmosphere was instantly booming. The London Eye was standing tall and bright. Winter Wonderland was emitting a green and red glow into the sky with sounds of excitement and chatter expanding all the way across the river.  I swear the good times and laughs were calling our names.

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The next day was Christmas Day and since everything was closed we got to catch up on sleep and Amy got to ditch the jet lag. I Skyped my family to say Merry Christmas and then we decided it was time for food.  Since even our hotel restaurant was closed, this would be an interesting outing.  We spent about an hour walking around London on a wild hunt for a restaurant that was open so we could eat. Eventually we found a really great Lebanese place (totally worth the walk), ordered enough food for 5 people and spent the day in bed eating and watching Christmas movies.


Christmas Lunch

The next day was our first full day to really get out and see the city.  We got A LOT done that day. I think we may have set a record for number of sights seen in one day!

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Thanks to my friend Amy for joining me on this crazy fun adventure and making Christmas 2016 so exciting and special!!



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