Cassidy in Ireland – Week 13

Week 13: ‘Tis the Season in Galway


The lights have been hung over the busiest streets, outside the pubs and storefronts, the trees and market set up in Eyre Square and of course the big Ferris wheel and beer tent set up as well.  Christmas is in full swing in Galway and it’s spectacular.

Galway is a very festive city so I’ve discovered, which only makes it that much more perfect for me.  There are lights and decorations around every corner.  As seen in the photo above there are strings of lights extending all the way up Shop Street lighting up the city even more than before.  We even get a yearly holiday visit from the Coca-Cola truck in Galway.


Eyre Square lit up the sky (from the Ferris Wheel)

Galway welcomed Christmas to the city with a small concert in the street including Irish dancing Santa’s and the city’s traditional lighting ceremony.  Then came the opening of the Christmas Market and beer tent in Eyre square.  The Christmas market is a bunch of vendors set up in little cabins throughout Eyre Square selling all sorts of Christmas treats like donuts, cookies, crepes, popcorn, nuts and even one selling Maple Syrup.  There is also a big Ferris Wheel in the square that you can ride for a fantastic view of the city and the square lit up in the Christmas spirit and a merry-go-round for all ages.  Lastly, is the beer tent.  Probably one of the most energetic, exciting, and lively atmospheres during Christmas.  Everyone comes together to celebrate the holidays and just have a good time with friends and enjoy the great music.  There is always a DJ at the beer tent playing the GREATEST selection of music.  I would believe half of the people would go just for the atmosphere of the place (the huge Steins of beer are just a bonus.  When “Come on Eileen” or “Sweet Caroline” comes on and everyone stands, raises their beer and sings at the top of their lungs together I swear there is no happier place on Earth than the beer tent at that moment.  Galway knows how to do Christmas.


As for school we had a really nice school Christmas party in a private room at Monroe’s Pub.  Everyone gathered together for a good time and unfortunately for the last time for some.  Many of my friends were heading home at Christmas time after finishing their programs at GCI (Galway Cultural Institute) so it was a nice chance to celebrate with everyone before saying goodbye.



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