Cassidy in Ireland – Week 12

Week 12: Connemara



Two of my friends and I were in the mood for a countryside getaway so we rented a cottage, hopped in the car and headed to beautiful Connemara for 3 days!

Connemara is a region in the west of Ireland.  One of the most stunning, breath-taking landscapes I have ever seen in my life.

Our cottage was about an hour and a half outside of Galway city but still in the county of Galway.  It was just across the river from beautiful Kylemore Abbey.


The Drive was incredibly scenic.


Our perfect little cottage and our sheep for the weekend.

The cottage was in the middle of nowhere owned by a very sweet little Irish lady and her son.  The closest house was a 20 minute walk which was perfect.  It was completely self-catered and we had a fully equipped kitchen to cook all of our meals for the weekend (which included some pancakes, eggs, pasta dishes and a couple of really delicious frozen pizzas). All around us, mountains of green and lakes of blue as far as you could see.  As usual in Ireland’s beautiful countryside we were surrounded by total silence and peace (and sheep)


Kylemore Abbey just down the road.

On our second day we drove out to Connemara National Park to hike the trails.

The park was absolutely amazing! I could have stayed on those mountains forever!


We did about 2 hour hike with unbelievable shots getting more and more amazing around every turn and over every hill.  After the hike we headed back to the cottage.  Our final night was spent enjoying the peace and quiet in the middle of nowhere with our sheep and a glass of wine.  If you ever get the chance to travel to the middle of nowhere in Ireland with your friends…take it…and your camera.  Exploring Connemara was one of my favourite parts of my trip and I am so glad I got to experience it with two of my best friends.



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