Cassidy in Ireland – Week 8

Week 8: The Cliffs of Moher


The other weekend I visited some of the most magnificent cliffs in the world; The Cliffs of Moher.

The Cliffs are an absolute must if you ever find yourself on the West coast of Ireland.  I was very excited to see them and thanks to GBS I was able to and I had an incredible experience.

The tour I did was a guided coach bus tour.   The cost is €20 for students and €25 for adults.  The tour included stops at Aillwee Caves, The Cliffs, Doolin and Dunguaire Castle, – all during a very scenic drive along the “Wild Atlantic Way” and through the “Burren” and courtesy of Lally Tours.  The tour was amazing and our tour guide was awesome.  I learned so much about Ireland’s history in between the lovely Irish music our driver played throughout the day.

The Caves we visited were 3000 years old.  We stopped here for about an hour and you have the option to do a 40 minute tour of the caves where you learn about all the different formations and structures found inside and how it was discovered.


Afterwards we had some times to explore the mountains and take in the amazing views from every angle.


The Burren is a large area of land covered by limestone that was formed in the glacial period.  The Burren is a protected environment because of the Flora that lives here, some of it does not exist together anywhere else in the world.  It is absolutely breathtaking!! I was sitting on the rocks (see picture above) taking pictures, sun shining, enjoying the view and I remember thinking “I never ever want to leave this spot, ever”.

Our next stop was “The Cliffs”.  The Cliffs of Moher really are grandly spectacular.  I have never seen anything like them.  It is so surreal and so hard to explain what it is like to be among something so…huge, and huge doesn’t even begin to describe them.  There is this feeling in the atmosphere when you’re standing there that makes the air and everything around you feels artificial.  It is so incredible to think it was all put there completely by nature


When you arrive at The Cliffs you can take a right or a left and explore both sides of the cliffs.  First we went right to where O’Brien’s Tower sits.


We then walked to the left along The Cliffs for about an hour.  There are two paths, one with a wall between the path and The Cliff’s edge and another open path with nothing standing between you and the edge (see warning sign below).  **(Mom cover your eyes)** Of course I walked the open path because it was the best way to experience The Cliffs and the entire atmosphere around you.  Although I have to say my blood pressure must have been through the roof watching the people sitting on the edge or even resting a foot over the edge on a rock just to get the perfect shot.


**(on a serious note: it can be very dangerous and if you ever visit the cliffs, although it is the best way to see the beautiful views please be very careful, if you get too close to the edge something as simple as a gust of wind could be life threatening).Looking down at the giant waves slamming into the bottom of the cliffs was also incredible. Two colossal natural forces crashing together and yet if you stand there completely silent you can’t hear a thing.


Last stop: Dunguaire Castle.  This castle is from the 16th Century; and remarkable.  When I was there the sun was setting and it made for the most gorgeous visit

There is something about Ireland and its endless sea of beauty that just makes me smile and feel so at home.  I really could sit and watch forever go by here.    Ireland has this beautiful silence to it that I can’t.  My friends and I have all experienced it, wherever you are in the wide open fields, or on the edge of a cliff, if you stop and listen all you’ll hear is peacefulness.  It’s alluring and I hope you all get to experience it in your lives.


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