Cassidy in Ireland – Week 7

Week 7: School


I know you’re probably wondering if I am even here for school or just fun.  Sometimes I wonder that too since I am having such an incredible time, school included.  Well I am finally going to talk about school life!

First of all everyone here at Galway Business School (GBS) has been incredibly welcoming and friendly in helping me adapt to Ireland and my classes.  It didn’t take me very long to feel comfortable in my classroom.

GBS has an academic coordinator, who has been an incredible help to me on multiple occasions.  Making sure I was settling in okay and getting to know the city.  He has also been a huge help with other things like booking trips, accommodations, and anything I’ve needed to make sure my experience here is a good one.

GBS is a small school.  There are four floors in the building.  On the first floor there is a cafe, a printing room, Hall Mor (which is basically a “big hall” where you can go to studying, do homework or just hang out with friends) and reception.  There is a library and computer room on the next floor and the rest is basically offices and classrooms.

I am taking 3 modules (classes) in year 2 and there is a total of 6 students in year 2 at GBS.  My classes are Entrepreneurship, Contemporary Business Management and Consumer Behaviour.  Our schedule here is also quite different.  I don’t start until either 1:30 or 3:30 (depending on the day) and for only 4 days a week (Monday-Thursday) which means Friday’s off!!  The classes are split up twice a week.  So I will have two Entrepreneurship classes a week two Consumer Behaviour and two Contemporary Business Management classes a week.

Classes here are a very close and integrated experience.  I really enjoy the class size because it really helps me to engage in the learning and work with my class mates (who are from all over the globe) to understand the material.  It is also interesting to look at these topics of business from the view of another country with different history and economics.  I recently did my first presentation in class and since they use external examiners, it had to be recorded.  This was weird for me at first, I’ve never had to do an assignment presentation on camera but I found that I quickly forgot the camera was even there.  The lecturers are very thorough and involved in making sure you understand the content.  They are also very encouraging.


the view from the top floor of the school

The location is unbelievable.  The school sits on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean providing spectacular views from every part of the building, especially from the roof deck on the 3rd level (see above).  I never imagined I’d be here in Ireland looking out at the ocean from my classroom.  It is such an incredible learning environment.

Similarities to Georgian College Experience:

  • lectures
  • lots of support for International students
  • small city
  • good atmosphere
  • success driven (by this I mean the lecturers are truly interested in your success)
  • Educational opportunities (events, conferences, guest speakers etc.)
  • Use online learning atmosphere (and turnitin)

Differences from Georgian College Experience:

  • GBS is smaller (classes, library, school)
  • GBS exams are worth 60%
  • At GBS I have 1 or 2 small assignments throughout the semester, usually one individual and one group (rather than multiple small ones)
  • All assignments at GBS are marked by both our lecturers and external examiners (exams as well)
  • Presentations are recorded
  • There is no reading week at GBS, instead we have a revision week before exams
  • Very “techy” classes at GBS (touch screen board instead of white boards or chalk boards)
  • Marking schemes are very different (here they use 1st class, 2nd class and 3rd class, or for example a 70% is similar to an 80% or an “A”)

I have grown to love GBS very much.  I have met so many great people here and I feel as at home here as I do at Georgian.  I really enjoy studying at GBS and I love that I am getting to experience a whole different school culture and a whole new studying experience.

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