Cassidy in Ireland – Week 6

Week 6: Nightlife

There is no arguing that the nightlife is Galway is exceptional, not to mention endless.

Living in the city center I am right in the middle of all the action.  Some nights I can even hear the live music escaping nearby pubs from my apartment.  Every night of the week you’ll find multiple events or live performances happening somewhere in the city (even if it’s a few fellow pub-goers on their walk home).  I’m going to share a couple of my favourites so far.

The Quays:

This one is a group favourite, we usually end up here for at least a little while every time we go out.  The Quays is a pretty big pub with multiple bars, floors, and lounge after lounge.  In the main area, there is a stage for live music that doubles as a dance floor, a seating area below and a top floor with another bar and live band.


King’s Head:

“Kings” is another popular pub with awesome live music.  This one tends to be super crowded on weekends but has multiple bars and floors as well.  The second floor has a balcony like look-out over the stage where you can watch the band from above, and in my opinion the best seats in the house.


Fibber McGee’s:

Is for Tuesday nights….Karaoke night! A smaller pub but a great time on Tuesdays when everyone gathers for a Guinness and a laugh.



A great place for fun anyway of the week, but our favourite…Salsa night on Wednesdays!  They also do Irish dancing which is lots of fun to watch.



This is where we had one of our school pub nights on Thursdays, here it was Latin night.  I’ve only been to this one once but it had a great dance floor and was lots of fun!


Roisin Dubh:

Galway recently had their Jazz Festival weekend and I went to Roisin Dubh with some friends to see a jazz band. THEY WERE EXCELLENT! One of my favourite nights here so far. This pub has a separate stage area (with a bar of course) where they hold concerts.



There are also some really good clubs in the city or “discotheques”.  Karma, Electric, Halo are just a few of the popular clubs in Galway city.


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