Cassidy in Ireland – Week 5

Week 5: It’s a small world after all

Hello all!!

I am almost a month into my semester here in Ireland and I have absolutely fallen in love with Galway.  The atmosphere never fails to amaze me from the 24/7 live music (whether it’s in the streets or in the pubs) to the rainy, cobblestone streets full of shops and cafes.  I’ve become a Galway girl.

I have met some awesome people from all over the world. First, I’ll explain that Galway is also a Cultural Institute where people come from all over the world to study English – so the people you meet are amazing.  Through my roommates at my first place, who are from Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Brazil I started to meet more and more people from GCI (Galway Cultural Institute).  I have made some really good friends from countries all over the world like Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Germany.  It is such an incredible thing to experience studying abroad with people from so many different backgrounds and cultures.  I have learned so much and everyone has been so friendly and fun.


As for the locals, the people in this city are great!!  As soon as they learn that I am from Canada some can get pretty excited and assume that I, and everyone else in Canada, live by the mountains.  I was surprised to find that many Irish people I have met have either lived in Canada previously, are moving there very soon or are trying really hard to move there (Vancouver tends to be a popular destination).  A few people I’ve met have told me how much they’re dying to go to Canada and I always tell them that’s how I felt about Ireland.  It’s pretty cool to be in another country and have people tell you how much they love your home country.


So let me tell you just how small this world is.  I met a local guy recently who, like everyone else, hears my accent and asks me “where are you from?”(In other words are you Canadian or American?).  So I usually say that I am from an area near Toronto or about an hour from Toronto because really – who is going to know Barrie, Ontario all the way over in Ireland?  He then goes on to tell me about his girlfriend’s friend who is from Canada, what a great girl she is and that she is looking to meet some other Canadian people in Galway.  So I took her name and told him I would look her up on social media.  The next day I looked up her name….take a wild guess where she is from….yes, Barrie! Not only that but we actually attended schools very close to each other and she knows a few people that I know.  So we got talking about our experiences here and how much we love Galway, neither of us could get over what a small world it is.  If someone told me I would meet a local Irish guy in a McDonald’s at 2 in the morning and he would happen to know someone from my fairly small city back home, I would laugh pretty hard.


(Great Escape Rooms in Galway, we almost beat the record of 36 mins with our score of 39)


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