Cassidy in Ireland – Week 3

Week 3: The Journey

My journey started on Friday September 23rd. I got to the airport about 3 hours early as suggested and checked in my bags.  Miraculously they were under the weight limit…not sure how but I’m not asking questions!!

Saying goodbye to my family wasn’t easy. I hugged them and said goodbye for about 10 minutes. I’m pretty sure to everyone around us in the airport it looked like I was going off to war for 3 years…at least. I’m just really bad at goodbyes, okay?? So I went through customs looking back every little while to find them still standing there waving at me. Once I got through security I had to go to a kiosk that asks you a series of questions. So I’m standing there still crying a little, eyes red, blotchy face, a complete mess when all of a sudden the kiosk prompts me to take of my hat and/or glasses and within seconds it takes my picture!!!  Perfect. So I’m about to wait in a line to be granted permission into another country looking like a psychopath with the picture to match. I felt like Bridget Jones on her birthday. Although I have to admit it was even funny at the time.  I had to laugh at myself while the rest of the airport looked at me like I was some poor lost puppy.  Moral of the story…if you ever find yourself not looking your best at an airport for any reason, just picture me standing at that kiosk and have a laugh. So don’t worry they’ve seen worse (me).

The rest of my travels went well. My flight to Philadelphia was delayed but not enough to mess up my connecting flights. The first flight was very short and the plane was very small. From where I sat I could see the front and the back of the plane. The man beside me on the plane to Philly had been to Galway before and he had nothing but good things to say about it. My flight to Shannon, Ireland was about 5 hours and also went very well. I had almost a whole row to myself. I watched a movie, ate my meal, read a little then slept the rest of the way.


Plane to Philadelphia, just a small commuter plane


Philadelphia at night, from the plane


Upon arriving in Ireland it was dreary and rainy as promised! As we were landing looking out the window of the plane and seeing the indescribable colour of green and the breathtaking rolling hills of Ireland, suddenly 4 months didn’t seem like enough.  I landed at about 8:15 am my time which was 3:15 am Canadian time.

From the plane, the eminent landscape of Ireland


Getting through the airport in Shannon was a very easy process and getting my bags took a total of 10 minutes. However I did have to speak a little longer with the customs officer just to explain my long stay and give him a letter from the school. He was very friendly and helpful.  He helped me find my bus stop outside the airport afterwards.  The bus to Galway was quick and had Wi-Fi, which is great.  From there I took a taxi, with a driver whose name was “Mr. Cassidy”, to my new home.

First impressions: Friendly people, amazing location, beautiful scenery.

I am finally here readers and I couldn’t be more excited!

Stay tuned for adventure and fun to come!



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