Cassidy in Ireland – Week 1

Week 1: Wrapping Up

Hello! Welcome to my very first post!

This week I have been finishing up work and wrapping up…well, basically my life here in Canada.  It’s a strange thing preparing to up and move your life to another country. I grew up in the Barrie area so I never moved away for school and I’ve never attempted to pack up my life before…until now. I keep saying to my friends “how are you supposed to pack for 4 months??” most of them moved away for school so I guess they’ve kind of done it before, but without the baggage and weight limit (which makes it 1000x harder). I have always been a big family person and that’s another thing that is very hard to prepare for, leaving all your family and friends for 4 months. BUT despite trying to figure out how to pack and saying goodbye to the most important people in my life, I am still incredibly excited for my adventure ahead. I can’t even explain the feeling of knowing I will be living in Ireland in a week!


The hardest part of preparing is the anticipation but it’s been an exciting, busy few weeks. From finishing up at the International Centre to Georgian Orientation to interviews and articles!!

This week has been especially exciting. I have been lucky enough to be featured in the Barrie Advance in regards to the new strategic plan and the College’s efforts to bring more International opportunities to the students at Georgian. I was tracked down while on campus and interviewed about my upcoming trip and thoughts on what these opportunities could mean for students.  Then they took me RIGHT to where the action was to take my photo, I won’t lie it was pretty cool (I’ve even been asked for my autograph a couple times, mind you it was by co-workers of mine lol). Check out the article and read about the strategic plan below. Stay tuned for more articles!

Barrie Advance Article

Thanks for tuning in!

See ya soon!



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